1. Touch
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The debut collaboration from MONSTERA and Joe August. The lyrics and melody were written on an unexpected snow day in Taylor’s home studio. I had felt creatively stunted at that point in time, unable to say what I needed to. This song is about getting in touch with your inner self, and a reminder that we all have a symphony inside of us. Let it sing. CREDITS: MONSTERA-production/composer, Joe August-bass, vocals, songwriter, keys
Chase Rabideau-guitar, Resonant Mastering-Master, Hunter Lee-album art, Judith Anne Warren-photo. Ghost Gun Records.


Driving back to your house
Just trying to get high
I loved you in the backseat
When you were mine

Lovin’ you insane
Touch is just a game, it’s true
Never knew my name
It was all the same
To you

Days are getting long now
Pass me by
I’ll be here ‘till sunrise
Until the end of time

Everybody’s been asking me
Can you touch what you cannot see?
Do you want what you don’t really need?
Somebody to set you free
Everybody’s been asking me
What it takes to make believe
In touch with a symphony inside of me

Can’t you see I’m falling?
I hate to see you falling
Pin me to the wall
And tell me that it’s all mine
I just keep on wildin’
Until I make up my mind
Can’t you see your falling?
Yeah I just watched you fall in
Throw me in the deep end
Like I was your best friend,
I know you remember when