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Out Of The Blue

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"Out of the Blue" is about moving on and getting over while having a few finals words to say.
CREDITS: Joe August-guitars, bass, synths, vocals, songwriter
Hunter Rath: production/engineer, Chase Rabideau-bass, Afterspace-Drum production,
Live Kit-Wyatt Gardner, Gibson Goldsmith-album art, Judith Anne Warren-photo, Resonant Mastering-Master. Recorded at Nickerson Studios, Seattle WA.


For the first time in a long time,
I walked up to your door
Saw through your empty eyes
And I watched you hit the floor
‘Cause I came through with a backbone
Something you can’t ignore

Tore down this great big town
And i did it all on my own
You kicked me out of the blue
But a house is not a home
‘Cause I came through with a message
And i thought you’d like to know

You’re too busy fucking around
Trying just to break me down
You gotta get on up on your two feet
A victim to your own reality
And if you ever want a cut so deep,
Take a walk down the block and satisfy me

If you spilled salt, I’ll rub it in your wound
Bury you and your friends
And sing you this little tune
If you spilled salt, nobody gives a fuck
I would say try again but
It looks like you’re out of luck