1. High Fashion
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High Fashion

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"High Fashion" is a high energy rock song with lyrics inspired by living in 2020 with the uncertainty of what's to come next.
Joe August-bass, guitar, keyboards, songwriter, vocals
Chase Rabideau-bass, guitar,
Hunter Rath-production/engineer,
Wyatt Gardner-Drum kit,
Dorothea-songwriter, photo, MUA, Gibson Goldsmith-album art.
Recorded at Nickerson Studios Seattle WA.


Lines are clashing,
Call it high fashion
Take it all off so you just can’t ignore
Your bones are shaking
It’s liberating
Put on a smile as you walk out the door

I’m a rebel, I’m a sinner
Play it off like a winner
I’m down to go again
Pick it up and go
Even if we die young
At least we know we had fun
Live another day
Doesn’t matter what they say

Lights are flashing
Call it old fashioned
Nobody knows what to say anymore
Eat your heart out
If you sell out
Buying the time that we just can’t afford

I’m a rebel, I’m a sinner
Even if we die young, at least we had fun.